Friday, March 6, 2009

Bond-Rite intrinsically safe self-testing static grounding clamp

One of Newson Gale's most popular products and well-known products is the Bond Rite self-testing static grounding clamp.

The revolutionary design of the Bond-Rite Clamp provides enhanced safety and security by continuously testing the connection of the clamp to the container or other conductive item of plant and providing visual verification of this condition back to the operator.

In many branches of the process industries, fires and explosions can result from electrostatic discharge in hazardous areas. Even relatively small sparks have sufficient energy to ignite many flammable vapours, gases and even airborne dusts. In situations, where this risk exists, static grounding (earthing) and bonding clamps are required wherever mobile or portable conductive plant items (such as drums and vessels etc) are used. In these applications, it is necessary for the clamp to make a low resistance contact with the object, to enable any static to be safely dissipated to ground (earth) via a suitable conductor before the energy available for discharge builds up to dangerous levels.

To find out more about the Bond Rite system, contact Newson Gale directly.

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